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Beach Bums "Ash"

The LA collective reaches new heights on "Ash" from their upcoming album YEARS, out July 26th

Beach Bums is a music collective from Los Angeles who have established themselves as one of the most versatile groups in the LA scene. Head to their artist page on Spotify, hit shuffle, and you'll know exactly what I mean. You'll hear a punk song, then trap, then metal, then acoustic coffee shop vibes, then surf-rock, and everything in between. The way they have been able to live in these different worlds is pretty astonishing. They don't only need to have the courage to experiment and release what they feel is right, but the talent to make sure it translates and connects across genres, and it is evident by their insane live shows that it is most certainly connecting.

The group is now gearing up for their new album YEARS, out July 26th, and continues to stand out. They’ve teased a few tracks thus far with the synth driven hip-hop song “Tacos”, the indie/folk-rock song “I Don’t Kno”, and just yesterday “Ash”. On "Ash", it feels like the group is hitting a new stride. They found that sweet spot of making a beautiful and unique piece of art that is also accessible beyond the indie fan base. The groups lead singer/guitarist Jonathan Horsley said that he’s had the "Ash" lyrics and melody in his head for 2 years, but couldn't quite get it right on a recording until now. It was definitely worth the wait.

Give it a listen below and look out for YEARS on July 26th.

Listen To "Ash" Here:

Beach Bums Tour:

- August 1st: San Francisco @ Slim's

- August 8th: San Diego @ Soda Bar

- August 9th: Las Vegas @ Hard Rock Hotel

- August 10th: Los Angeles @ Bootleg Theatre



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