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New Finds - August 28th

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

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Today's Songs are "Three Year High" by Espresso, "With U" by Occult X, and "Jolie" by Rook Monroe.


Espresso - "Three Year High"

Espresso have been playing in the Los Angeles scene for a while, but I really feel like they’ve been slept on. Last week, they put out a new single, “Three Year High,” their first released song with their new drummer and rearranged lineup. It’s safe to say it doesn’t disappoint, whatsoever. After messaging them, the band told me that ‘Three Year High’ is pretty much about two people who are into each other being on completely different pages. The relationship does not work out, but maybe one day it will if they give it some time to breathe. If you’re in that situation, then it undeniably sucks, but you’ll get through it.

The lyric “I’ll make it through” makes this apparent, echoing seamlessly throughout the track. The chemistry between the funk-driven, innovative bass line and the radiant guitar riff is unmatched. During its solo, I even felt like the guitar mimicked a person talking. You can definitely tell that these guys have been playing together for a while– they know which sounds work best. Maybe it’s the chirpiness of the guitar, or the sheer honesty behind the lyrics, but this is one of those songs that instantly makes me feel happy. I really cannot get enough of it. Check it out here!


Occult X - "With U"

Occult X is an artist from Nashville, Tennessee, who last week released their single ‘With U’. The song opens up with a simple but super catchy guitar riff, reminiscent of many other indie-pop bangers. You’re then hit with Occult X’s dreamy layered vocals, that blend perfectly with the instruments. ‘With U’ isn’t necessarily about finding the love of your life. It’s about the fear, excitement and thrill you get from falling in love, even if the relationship doesn’t last forever. It gives off a warmhearted feeling, which is definitely conveyed through the warm synth lines in the chorus – my favorite part. The ride-pattern drum beat and added guitar layers are enough to make anyone feel like they’re in a coming of age film. This is only the artist’s third song released in their discography, so it’s exciting to see what else Occult X will bring to the table. Till then, stream With U, out now!


Rook Monreo - "Jolie"

Rook Monroe is no stranger to the music industry. He recently released his debut single, ‘Jolie,’ and after just two listens of this song, I couldn’t shake the chorus out of my head. Having written for artists like Rihanna, The Chainsmokers, and Jeremih, this guy definitely knows how to make a good pop rock hit. The majority of the song is accompanied by a drum pocket that goes hand in hand with a funky, solid bass line that sets the groovy tone of the track. The song flows almost perfectly, with superb production quality as well. Jolie is about being in the moment, about finding yourself in your emotions no matter how complicated they seem to be. I think everyone can somewhat relate to this song. Stream it here, right now.

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