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New Finds - August 31st

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Today's Songs are "Rob The Original" by Haley Blais, "Die 4 U" by Highschool Jacob, and "Wondering Why" by Hollyy.


Haley Blais - “Rob The Original”

So I recently discovered Haley and her song “Rob the Original”, one of tracks from her latest album released a few days ago called 'Below The Salt.' She’s a powerful artist, playing multiple instruments, as well as showcasing a wide range of vocal abilities throughout her career. The song seems to be a combination of indie, folk, and soft-rock, but the lyrics in this track, as well as her entire album, are a true testament to empowerment and reclaiming your identity for yourself and no one else. My favorite line in this song is, “with all of these magic moments sparkling, this one’s mine.”

The song itself combines acoustic and electric guitar, what sounds like a soft violin at some points, with a soft drum track following behind. It all blends together seamlessly, and there are some really interesting drum fills, and electric solos dropped in at different moments. You have to listen to the song multiple times to truly get an appreciation for all of the production put into it.  Her vocals are the standout of the track for me, but when I listen deeper I have a great appreciation for all of the elements combined. You can tell a lot of passion and emotion were put into making this as authentic and real as possible. She’s definitely already begun to make a name for herself, but I’m very excited to see where this album takes her in the future. Listen to this song “Rob The Original” and others from her album 'Below The Salt' on Spotify and other streaming platforms now. 


Highschool Jacob - “Die 4 U”

So the second you start playing Los Angeles artist Highschool Jacob’s latest single “Die 4 U”, you instantly think of the intro to an old 8-bit video game. Imagine you’re getting ready to start an adventure jumping through hoops and dodging blocky bullets to save the princess. Funny enough, that seems to be the entire point of the song, because not only did Jacob Masters release this single, he also released a flash video game alongside it, where you are riding a jetski in the ocean and dodging missiles chasing you.


When you listen to the song during the chorus, the keys in the background totally reminded me of the sounds in Galaga when the alien ships are falling out of the sky. It’s a high-energy, drivable, danceable song that you can easily play on repeat, and when you pay attention, the underlying bass line is smooth and funky. He does a great job of combining indie, pop and nu-disco, and it can lift your spirits greatly, especially if you play the video game at the same time! Definitely check out his new single, play the flash game, and share your high score on Twitter or Instagram with the tag #hsj2020Die4U for a chance to win HSJ Merch. 


Hollyy - “Wondering Why”

Coming out of Chicago, Hollyy has just released their newest song “Wondering Why”. It's a soulful tune that touches on the grief of losing someone who seemed to give you all their love, “wondering why” they let them go. You can’t assume from the lyrics what exactly happened, you just know there is a longing, especially when you daydream about the person.  The song seems to keep a steady beat with the hi-hat, but when you really listen, you can hear the complexities of musicianship from every member in the band. None of it can be ignored- the dreamy keys blended throughout the song, the drum fills, the saxophone and trumpet, the yearning vocals- you can hear the passion and talent from every member, coming together perfectly in the song. It’s hard to really pick a favorite part of it, the lyrics go straight to your heart, whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of heartbreak, or the end of a relationship. But you can also try (like I said try),  and tune out the honesty of the lyrics and still groove and dance around without feeling guilty for it! 

Just scrolling through their Instagram page, you can see the honesty and dedication of the band not just to their craft, but to their local community, being very vocal about social justice issues, especially in their city of Chicago. Make sure you listen to their newest single “Wondering Why” and stay updated with them as they continue to release new music! 

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