New Finds- December 6th

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Today's Songs are “Sorry", by Flangr & Fashion Jackson, "How I'm Livin'" by Osbe Chill, "Silver Lining" by Hauskey.


Flangr, Fashion Jackson - “Sorry”

Okay I was pretty excited about this one when I heard about the collab between Chile based Flangr, and San Diego based Fashion Jackson. Both artists have been making a name for themselves in their respective countries, and this song is different than many others because they worked with the Alma Observatory in Chile to incorporate sounds from the Orion Nebula. This song is a sweet blend of both artists sound together as one, leaning in the direction of a more futuristic, pop love ballad. If there was a music video released for this song, I could imagine a battle over the moon, or a person flying in a spaceship through the asteroid belt getting hit from all sides and crashing at the end. That’s just my brain though, but it’s hard not to imagine things like that with the sounds from the Nebula weaving in and out of the song.

I think being able to come through with a collaboration of this kind, especially during everything the world is going through right now is a beautiful way to keep the spirit of making music alive, while also making us more in-tune with the vast nature of the world and universe we live in. While so many of have been physically isolated and kept apart from the people and things we love, Flangr and FJ are showing us there is always a way to come together and produce something for everyone to be able to enjoy. Make sure you listen to their song “Sorry” on the Spotify New Finds Playlist now, and keep an eye out for more releases from both artists. P.S. Fashion Jackson just got a new computer for live stream shows, so be ready for more of those as well!


Osbe Chill- “How I’m Livin”

When you first listen to Osbe Chill’s single,”How I’m Livin’”, you’re instantly drawn in by the drums and the subtle voice speaking over the track. When he comes in with his first verse, a piece that caught my attention was, “blew smoke by the roses, right by they dead homies.” Anyone who grew up in a hood or a neighborhood where death was a part of their daily life understands words like this to their core. It paints an image of you having to continue to living your daily life, pushing to make your dreams a reality, to break those cycles for yourself and those you love, while not being pulled into the chaos that life often brings. Osbe has been very open and honest in all of music, stating in an interview how it was either music, or jail or death for him. There are a lot of musicians who make music to get famous or make money, and there are those who do it for the art of saving themselves and those who listen to their words, and Osbe is one of them for sure. He has been making a name for himself in Los Angeles for a few years now, having a close relationship with The Game, and having his newly released album, “Nostradamu”, produced by Eric G, which is sure to give him even more much deserved recognition.

You can listen to his single “How I’m Livin’” now, and watch the visual for it as well. Don’t forget to check out his album “Nostradamu” which is out now!


Hauskey- “Silver Lining”

Silver Lining is one of the latest singles from Australian based artist, Andy Hopkins, otherwise known as Hauskey. It’s an upbeat, melodious tune that was written, and produced by Andy in his bedroom. The song compares his love to a silver lining amongst the clouds, one of the lines from the song saying, “you put a hole in every cloud I walk through,” if that gives you any idea to what it means to be a silver lining for someone.

The video takes a more creative twist on the topic, with quirky humor and a handmade boat sailing through the rain with Andy at the wheel. Listening to this song and a few others, I think there is definitely a space for Hauskey in the industry, being able to connect with a lot of his fans with the topics he writes about, and the tunes that get stuck in your head. Make sure you listen to his single “Silver Lining” on the Spotify New Finds playlist and watch the music video below!

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