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New Finds - February 18th

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Today's Songs are “Chance With You" by Mehro, "Silverlake'" by Rare Monk, and "Already Falling" by Puma Blue.


"Chance With You"- Mehro

The second this song started playing I started smiling and couldn’t wait to hear what was going to come. The guitar sounded like a sad folk dream, with a tinge of reverb to give it that ambient feeling that I just knew I was going to love. When Mehro’s vocals come in, you realize the lyrics are going to be just as emotional as the guitar in the beginning. He has this soft yearning in his voice for a love not pursued, with lyrics like, “you’re so beautiful I don’t want to turn away”, you already get the idea this is a song about someone he truly cared about. The song is a very honest, and beautiful expression of a person who didn’t fully pursue something they wanted, because of fear or other feelings that often come up when we find ourselves vulnerable and falling for someone unexpectedly. “Chance With You” is one of Mehro’s newest releases, adding to his already quickly expanding portfolio of music and popularity. His debut single, “Perfume” was released in 2020, and already has over 5.5 million streams on Spotify. He has been acknowledged as an artist to pay attention to by American Songwriter, Ones To Watch, C-Heads, and Flaunt Magazine, among others. Mehro is set to release his “Sky On Fire” project this Spring on March 25th, and this song is just a preview of what is to come. I would definitely take the time to give it a listen on the Spotify New Finds Playlist when you get a chance!


"Silverlake" - Rare Monk

The latest song “Silverlake”, by Rare Monk, is a protest song hidden in an indie bass line and guitar, that you wouldn’t know unless you really listened to the lyrics. “So don’t you get the urge to complain”, is a direct statement to people from California essentially gentrifying Portland’s artistic community by moving there, and then being dismayed at all of the things that actually make Portland unique. You’ve heard it before, “ Oh it rains too much there”, or “Oh, the sun never shines, it’s depressing”, the list can go on and on for a person, and Rare Monk’s take on it is well, if you don’t like it then leave. I think the song is meant to be an avenue for them to be as direct and honest as possible, about the things they see happening in their community and the world in general. They have a sound you could classify as indie rock, but with a twist all their own, and this song is a pure example of artistic expression, and using your platform to get a message across. You can listen to “Silverlake” by Rare Monk now on the Spotify New Finds Playlist.


“Already Falling”- Puma Blue

So I found Jacob Allen, aka Puma Blue, as I was getting lost in the mix of Soundcloud and “Already Falling” began playing and it instantly caught my attention. Based out of London/Atlanta, Allen has a very honest and heartfelt way of approaching his music and artistry. “Already Falling” is a perfect example of that, starting off with a soft snare and guitar melody, and leads into wispy vocals the first line being: “This dream could be the death of me.” It continues to dive into a story about a person falling in love, from the perfume they wear, to the silhouette of their body. When the chorus comes in you get this feeling of excitement and sadness, that is reminiscent of a hazy dreamland. It is just a beautiful blend of Hip-Hop, Jazz and Indie that you have to hear to understand why I’m so into it. Puma Blue’s vocals give you that lo-fi, bedroom fix when you just want to hear a soothing voice and relax, or to get all up in your head about things you wish you could change. 10 out of 10 would recommend you adding this to your playlists on repeat. This is just one of the songs off of his newly released album “In Praise of Shadows” which came the first week of February by Blue Flowers Music. You can listen to this single from the album on the Spotify New Finds Playlist now, and stream the rest of the album on all platforms!

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