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New Finds - February 24th

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Today’s New Finds feature “Holidays” by Michl, “Walk Backwards” by Maude Latour, and “Dog Eared” by Carla Geneve.


“Holidays” - Michl

It’s been a few years since singer, songwriter, and producer Michl has blessed his listeners with new music, but the wait is over. His latest single “Holidays” dropped February 18th, ending the silence with a complex track that comments on the contradicting realities that so many people are living these days. Both the video and the track are layered with idyllic scenes, sounds, and lyrics against darker imagery and subjects. The production and vocals are so dreamy you almost miss the warping melodies and moment of silence and distortion in the middle of the song—something that has been done before purely for affect, but felt very intentional here. The songs starts with Michl singing about sipping champagne and taking holidays, but you quickly realize there’s two different stories unfolding.

Michl is from Riverside, CA. He’s been writing music since he was a kid, but has been pursuing music full-time since 2010. His father is from Mexico and their family is extremely musical. There’s not much else his fans knew about him, up until recently, and that was very intentional. Michl is very dedicated to his music and the artistry that goes into it. He is uninterested in gaining spotlight and fame, and shared that he doesn’t want his image to interject with what his music and art is about. In fact, when Michl performs, he usually sings in the dark, his silhouette illuminated by a projection of a short film he shot and co-produced in his hometown. Despite his efforts, Michl is very much in the spotlight, having toured with Billie Eilish and working with Mura Mursa. Now, he’s starting to share more about himself, in order to keep that mystery from eclipsing his art. Surprisingly, you’ll even see brief clips of him in the “Holidays” video. Watch and listen to "Holidays" below.


“Dog Eared” by Carla Geneve

Carla Geneve graced my ears for the first time a few days ago, and I’m completely hooked. Her slow-vibrato and heart-clenching belting reminds me of Bonnie Raitt, but in an folk-rock setting. Geneve is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Albany, Australia. Her self-titled debut EP, released in June 2019, was overwhelmingly loved. She had a sold out national tour and took home the most awards at the 2019 West Australian Music Awards for Best EP, Best Single, Best Guitarist, and Best Rock Act. This past year, she released a string of singles, but her latest, “Dog Eared,” delivers a different energy than her previous work. On top of being a successful musician, Geneve is also a music teacher, and “Dog Eared” was inspired by a session with her teenage students. She shared with Rolling Stone Australia, “I was driving home one night and I felt so excited and full of energy for music, and I guess life in general. I didn’t really know why but I realized it was because I had been in a room of teenagers playing music with the pure, raw emotion that most people grow out of as you enter adulthood. I had taken some of that recklessness and it felt incredibly nostalgic.” Regardless of this inspiration, the song resonated with me as a 28-year-old woman, reminding me that no matter our age, music can transport us to a different time, place, or a long-forgotten feeling. “Dog Eared” will be featured on Geneve’s debut album, Learn to Like It, due this spring. Until then, check out “Dog Eared” here.


“Walk Backwards” - Maude Latour

Maude Latour may need no introduction for some of you. She’s gone viral on TikTok, has been recognized by The FADER, Billboard, and NYLON, and has been featured on multiple Spotify playlists. Her music is known for being irresistibly catchy, but more than that, Latour aims to normalize vulnerability, existential thoughts, and challenging social norms. Her new single, “Walk Backwards,” is about the labels we tend to place on love. Latour says, “This song specifically tackles the blurry line between love and romance that has always entered my relationships with my best friends. We place such a strict structure on our relationships, trying to put them into boxes. Love is fluid, liberated, it comes in friendship, strangers we smile at, romance, family, and little conversations throughout our days. Unpacking the rigidity of these structures leads to freedom in all types of love, allowing us to recognize it everywhere.” I can definitely get behind a song with a beautiful message like this, without taking itself too seriously or shoving it your face too much. It's an artful skill that Latour has mastered. Listen to "Walk Backwards" now.

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