New Finds - February 5th 2021

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Today's songs are "Mulher Homem Bicho” by Ana Frango Elétrico, "Juliet (Bedroom Session)" by Cal Maro, and "Day By Day," by Old Sea Brigade.


Mulher Homem Bicho by Ana Frango Elétrico

Having personally been a fan of Ana Frango Elétrico for a while, it is no surprise that her latest single, “Mulher Homem Bicho,” raises the standards of my ‘music to expect from Ana’ list. The Brazil-based musician is considered one of the country’s rising talents, blending the traditional Bossa Nova and MBP styles that pump the heartbeat of the natives, with a modern, contemporary rock sound.

The new release seems like a statement of some sort, with Ana showcasing the lengths of her songwriting. Having written it alongside musician Ava Rocha, I can confidently say it is one of her strongest tracks. I’ve listened to it multiple times since December, and the opening drum fill that crackles my earphones never ceases to excite me. Tipping at just under five minutes, Ana experiments with more instruments than her 2019 sophomore album. Each verse intensifies from its predecessor, with additional layers bringing about a more immersive experience with the progression of the track. The violins, the WAH-pedaled guitars, the thumping bass– there is just so much going on, and Ana achieves this marriage of sounds without stripping away the quintessential style that she is known for. Whenever the song comes on shuffle, the next 4 minutes and 45 seconds are a chance for me to excel my air-bass skills. You could do the dishes, go on a jog, drive to work (or in this case, walk to your living room), or even dump your partner to this song. Much is to come from the 23-year-old, and I am eager to witness her next move. Stream ‘Mulher Homem Bicho’ here.


Juliet (Bedroom Session) by Cal Maro

The reputation that accompanies musical minimalism in producing sweet, tender songs tends to go unnoticed. Though it may be tempting and oftentimes rewarding to utilize Bowie-esque piano ballads, loud crashing cymbals, and weeping guitars melodies to generate this emotional reaction, it is also worth realizing how powerful a simple chord progression paired alongside vocals can really be.

Christopher Tyler Brown, who goes by ‘Cal Maro,’ recently released “Juliet (Bedroom Session),” a stripped-down version of his 2020 release, ‘Juliet.’ This version is more mellow, with less elements that call for the acclaimed ‘bedroom’ feel that Cal is going for. The track is mainly soothing vocals accompanied by jazz chords, synthesizers, and a mellow drum track that sets the pace. “Juliet” is driven by a vulnerability that attains extraordinary levels of intimacy. Every line uttered out of Cal’s mouth is an open invitation for the audience to participate in the emotions, and perhaps to ponder upon their own loved one. “Juliet” is a blank canvas for the listener to reminisce, as well as a chance for the Brooklyn-based artist to explore his influences of artists like Frank Ocean and D’Angelo, with a sound that he deems more personal to him. Listen to this track here.


Day By Day by Old Sea Brigade

“Day by Day” is the one of the many installments of Old Sea Brigade’s segue into his upcoming release, “Motivational Speaking.” The album, dropping on May 14th via Nettwerk, is the Nashville-based artists’ second full-length project, following his acclaimed debut, ‘Ode to a Friend.’ This track, released just last week, reflects on loss by forming a base in a steady beat that paces itself into a cathartic final chorus. Predominantly exploring the indie-folk genre, the artist is showing that in 2021, he is not only capable of singing about “constantly being on the move,” but reflecting it through the enrapturing build-up of the single. Undeniably, the intensity and passion of the track translate onto the listener, where I feel myself capturing the sentiments with every lyric. The divine melodies that escalate this song touch on unique grounds when compared to previously released tracks, yet simultaneously engulf the honesty behind Old Sea Brigade’s sound.

“Day by Day,” proving to be an enticing move, is a chance for the Georgia-born artist to expand his musical style; to demolish the walls that indie-folk artists are often limited by. It is a bold effort, rendering me impatient to hear the direction that his upcoming album will take. Set your reminders for 5/14 and keep an eye out for future singles. For now, listen to the track in all its glory, right here.

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