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New Finds- January 16th

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Today's Songs are “Hailey", by WRENN, "Sad Girl'" by Valley Boy, and "Backwards" by Friends Don't Die.


WRENN- "Hailey"

If you’re one of those people who deals with sadness or heartbreak, by listening to songs about sadness or heartbreak, then this is a song to add to your playlist. WRENN’s new song “Hailey”will definitely stand out in the mix of emotions popping up in your queue. It’s not your typical song about love lost, where a person is expressing how much they miss another, or wanting them back. She gets straight to the point, questioning why it had to be this one specific person she was cheated on with. In a mix of harmonies and melodic vocals, combined with a soft guitar, synths and drums you would find in a top pop ballad, the song is well-built bridge between the genres of indie and pop. Normally songs can fit into one specific genre pretty easily, but I think this one definitely sits between both worlds, and I don’t have a problem with it at all.

WRENN has already begun to make a name for herself on the internet, with a massive Tik Tok following and accolades from the likes of Ladygunn, Billboard, and The Fader, just to name a few. She is for sure an artist to keep an eye on. Make sure to listen to her song, “Hailey” on the New Finds Playlist when you get a chance!


Valley Boy- “Sad Girl”

Listening to this song multiple times on repeat, I was finally able to digest everything packed into the track. “Sad Girl” by Valley Boy, is the newest release from the duo, James and Ian. Both of them have known each other since middle school, and have been playing together for almost just as long. You can tell by listening to the track their friendship penetrates through the harmonies and overall production of the song, because everything just flows together perfectly. I wouldn’t necessarily refer to it as lo-fi indie in terms of genre, because it’s beautifully produced, yet keeps that vintage, nostalgic feeling a lot of our favorite tracks have.

The song itself follows the story of James and his current fiance Brittany, and the roller coaster of emotions that can occur when you first open your heart to someone, knowing the risk you’re taking, but not the final outcome. I think knowing that bit of information when listening to the song and watching the music video made the track much more impactful for me. Like there is a line in the song, “You believe in God, but you don’t believe in love.” And maybe that was true at one point for them, but fast forward into the future with a current engagement, clearly that belief in love developed, or was always there to begin with, and just afraid to be shown fully. The music video is also incredibly honest and truthful, and not something I have seen a lot of creatives do, in terms of allowing others into the most intimate part of their lives. I’d definitely take the time to listen to “Sad Girl”, watch the video, preferably when you’re not around your parents, and follow the New Finds Playlist for more upcoming gems.


Friends Don’t Die- “Backwards”

“Backwards” is the second single released by Friends Don’t Die, and it came at the perfect time during this quarantine. Being isolated from our friends and family, and unable to make all the great memories we had planned, listening to this song you can imagine being at a packed show, crowded next to some of your best friends singing at the top of your lungs.

It starts off with a mellow guitar and friendly voices in the background and suddenly bursts through your speakers, with anthem like drums and vocals that keeps you hooked. Personally, the best tracks for me are ones that instantly make you see a movie scene in your head. The movie I saw when listening to this was a twenty-something coming of age film, with the main character featured in different cut scenes filled with laughter, heartbreak, melancholy, and finally, gratitude. Maybe they didn’t end up exactly where they planned, but looking back, it ended up being better than they may have realized at the moment. That’s literally how my brain processes music I really enjoy, and this song definitely brought out a lot of emotions for me in the best way possible. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by James O’ Hara, who has a knack for turning everything he touches into gold, in my honest opinion. They all seemed to work together so well, creating this piece of music for everyone to enjoy. The best kind of music is anything that reminds you there is a life to live outside of your head, and this song reminded me of that very important fact. I hope you all take the time to listen to “Backwards” on the New Finds Playlist you won't be disappointed!

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