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New Finds - July 13th

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Pynch - "Somebody Else"

Pynch is a band from London comprised of Spencer Enock, Julianna Hopkins, James Rees, and Jimmy Folan that formed in 2018. In 2019, the band released their debut single 'Disco Lights' and now return with their follow-up single "Somebody Else". There's something really special about this group. It's difficult to make electronic-based music that feels so human, but Pynch nails it. You can feel the heart in every drum-machine hit and every synth note. It feels like a more indie LCD Soundsystem. I'm all in. Check out "Somebody Else" - available everywhere now.


The Great Dictators - "Early In The Mourning"

The Great Dictators made one of the standout albums of 2020 with One Eye Opener. The 11-track album from the Danish rockers is great from start to finish. One of my favorite tracks on the album is "Early In The Mourning". The electronic, ethereal production under the gut punching lyrics is a stunning combination. On the album, the band note, "We hope that the album can become a loyal friend for others going through hard times. That it’ll hold your hand while telling you, in its own quirky way, that everything’s going to be alright.” I can't get enough of it. Check out "Early In The Mourning" from One Eye Opener - available everywhere now.


Koalra - "Hooked"

Koalra is an emerging band from Chicago who recently released their debut album this past December. The band quickly followed up with the 2020 EP Surprise Lights and are now back with the new single "Hooked". What I love about this track is that it's able to stand firmly in the modern world while paying tribute to inspirations from the 80s and 90s. You hear a bit of The Cure and Dinosaur Jr., but it isn't a cheap rip-off. In my opinion it's the band's best work thus far, which is a great sign. Excited to see where they go next. Check out "Hooked" - available everywhere now.

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