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New Finds - July 17th

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Sydney Sprague - "i refuse to die"

Sydney Sprague is a musician from Austin, TX who today released the first single from her upcoming album, "i refuse to die". The song is an indie-rock gem that shines the light on Sprague's growth as a songwriter. She has put out some great music over the years, but I think this is her best work yet. The production is just outstanding. The guitar tones, the percussion, the soundscape background elements, it all works together so well and is married perfectly to Sprague's delicate yet powerful vocals. I love this track and you will too. Listen to "i refuse to die" - out everywhere now.


Talk Cool - "The Crown"

Talk Cool is the artist project of songwriter Preston James. "The Crown" is only the second official release from the project and it is extremely impressive. The song captures you right away with an infectious synth line and keeps you hooked throughout. James' layered vocals carry an emotional weight to them and the song itself has a dark tone, yet you can't help wanting to dance and move your head to it. James describes it best, a "sad dance party." I'm very excited to see what else is in store from Talk Cool. For now, listen to "The Crown" - out everywhere.

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