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New Finds - June 20th

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Unicorns at Heart "You're A Mirror, Baby"

Unicorns at Heart are a band from Hesperia, California comprised of Rico Loredo, Ryan Loredo, Gabriel Loredo, and Jordan Radnoti. The band started in 2015 and have crafted a unique indie-rock sound over the years taking inspiration from Pavement, The Pixies, Nirvana, and The Beatles. This unique sound is showcased perfectly on their single "You're A Mirror, Baby", which features a fuzzy and driving guitar line, simple piano hits, and a classic vocal delivery. It's a catchy and visceral track that's perfect for your Summer drives. Listen to "You're A Mirror, Baby" - out everywhere via Dangerbird Records.


Port Lucian "20z"

Port Lucian is the brainchild of Philadelphia's Portia Maidment. The lo-fi bedroom pop project started in 2017 and over the last few years Maidment has released a string of dreamy, slow burning singles. Port Lucian now returns with "20z". The track immediately puts you in a daze with these lovely layered guitars and vocals and it keeps you there. It feels like its own ethereal world. "20z" is available everywhere now and is also featured on the Z Tapes compilation 'A Mix That Doesn't Need To Be Fixed', which benefits Heritage Group Homes.


Star Garbage "Tired"

Star Garbage, previously known as Babe Grenade, is a Denver rock band comprised of Alli Walls, Taylor Marvin, Connor Brown, and Isaac Friend. The band have made a name for themselves with their insane live shows and raw, passionate music. The track "Tired" from their self-titled debut EP is a perfect example of what they're all about. That raw, grungy energy is tangible from the start and Alli Walls shredding vocals are the perfect companion. It's a great listen. Listen to "Tired" - out everywhere now.

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