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New Finds - June 25th

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JONES - "Giving It Up (Joe Hertz Remix)"

JONES is an indie-pop artist from East-London who gained widespread critical acclaim with her 2016 debut album New Skin. She returned last month with the highly anticipated single "Giving It Up" and has now recruited renowned producer Joe Hertz for the official remix. The track is an absolute vibe. I'll be honest, I'm not typically a fan of remixes, but Hertz' take on the track is phenomenal. He carefully places JONES' effortless and soulful vocals over the very cool, soft, pulsating electro-beat. It's a re-imagination that feels modern and timeless. A great take on an already great track. Check out "Giving It Up (Joe Hertz Remix)" - available everywhere now.


Khamari - "Jealous"

Khamari is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Dorchester, MA. His debut single "Jealous" was released last week and it's been on repeat ever since. Although this is Khamari's first official release, he's been around for a few years racking up millions of plays on Soundcloud with covers and songwriting alongside some of the music industry's biggest songwriters. In that time, Khamari has crafted an honest, organic, contemporary sound that stands out far above others in his lane. You can feel his heart fully thrown into every word and every guitar note which makes it so easy to connect with. It's a wonderful debut and I'm excited to hear what's next. Check out "Jealous" - available everywhere now.


Phantom Phunk - "A Week Ago (feat. Jst Ray)"

Phantom Phunk is a music project out of Tampa, Florida. The group began as a rock band in 2016, but has since morphed into a songwriting team creating music that doesn't necessarily fall in any particular genre. The freeness of their songwriting is what really hooked me. It sounds like a group of extremely talented people creating what they want and how they want. Their new track "A Week Ago (feat. Jst Ray)" is a great showcase of this. The fusion of funk, hip-hop, pop, and soul creates this groovy and accessible track that is a true Summer bop. Check out "A Week Ago (feat. Jst Ray)" - available everywhere.

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