New Finds - March 19th

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Today's songs are "Egg Salad” by The Paranoyds, "My Body Left My Soul" by USERx feat. Pusha T, and "The Island" by The Millennium.


Egg Salad by The Paranoyds

I’ve said this before, but any song that starts with a drum fill is guaranteed to not disappoint. Though that might be a generalization, “Egg Salad” by The Paranoyds offers the grit and sheer fortitude that validates the statement. Their raw energy almost makes me yearn for the times we'd mosh to loud punk songs in dark, crummy venues. I never thought I’d long for the days when another guys’ sweaty shoulder, via the art of moshing, would slam right into my face– but I am. The Paranoyds do not steer away from calling people out, specifically valley girls in this case. “Egg Salad” is about paying tribute to the quintessential spoiled girl of Los Angeles. Given her privilege and status, she will probably make it in the industry, despite her lack of talent. The music video for this track premiered a couple of days ago, and chronicles said valley girl. The visuals are immaculate, especially the colors and undertones.

There isn’t anything I'm not loving about this song and its music video. I feel lucky to have found this band as I mosh with the wind in my room. Before you know it, you’ll be able to watch them live– so familiarize yourself with their music, here.


My Body Left my Soul by USERx feat. Pusha T

The brainchild of Matt Maeson and Rozwell’s USERx is back with “My Body Left My Soul,” featuring Pusha T. The song puts out this intricate, emotional arrangement that thins out the 4 minutes into something like 30 seconds. You’re so immersed in it, that you almost don’t notice notice it passing. There are so many different elements that keep you preoccupied. At least, that was my first impression. Whether the track be about love, addiction, substance abuse– the song strikes a chord in all of us. The beat reminds me of something out of the 1990s/early 2000s, but with an added alternative layer that keeps it ten times more interesting.

The duo’s self-titled album came out last week, and it lives up to the name– it really feels representative of what USERx can offer, and that is relentless, innovative, and pristine rap & alternative music in 2021. Embodying their sound and the cultural impact they are bringing; I urge everyone to give this album a listen.


The Island by The Millennium

With the pandemic coming to a slow halt, it feels appropriate to reminisce while listening to “The Island,” a 1968 song by The Millennium. This is by no means a “new” song, but the entire album seems criminally underrated that it simply had to be mentioned on here. The soft, calm vocals ring are drowned by the jangly 12-string guitar that seems to remind us of bands like The Beach Boys, or The Beatles. The influence is undoubtedly there. The melodies are sweet, yet melancholic and somewhat nostalgic. The 1960s have always been an era of nostalgia, and it is difficult to pinpoint what about it incites this response.

The light percussion fits the song’s mellow tone quite perfectly– a common trait with songs of this type of sound. Drummers during those days really nailed the skill of playing for the song, rather than just for sounding loud. As someone who plays drum, I find it more difficult to play small than big. You want to complement and establish your presence in a song without taking anything away from it. Though, to deviate from this percussion-tangent, “The Island” is a 53-year-old song, in which its meaning continues to shadow over the tough times we are undergoing. Listen to it here.

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