New Finds - March 26th

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Today's Songs are “Not Alone" by Mehro, "How We'll End Up" by Good Pash, and "The Window View" by Snare Noise.


"Not Alone"- Mehro

Los Angeles based artist Mehro has just released his latest single, “Not Alone” from his project Sky on Fire, and if you were looking for something new to listen to, this is it. Last time we heard about Mehro we were writing about his single “Chance With You”, and this time the follow-up is just as good, if not better than the last. Mehro dives deep into the emotions being felt all throughout the pandemic, from isolation, to cities literally burning, police brutality, name it, his music encompasses it in some way. There are so many layers and depth to “Not Alone”, from the guitar layered with synth, mixed into his ever-so-distinct vocals, he has began to carve out a distinct style between indie rock and folk, interweaving between different genres to create a style unique to himself. Actually having a meaning and a message behind the music is a refreshing trait to see, just the other day he did a live stream on IG to celebrate the release of the whole project, Sky on Fire, and featured his grandma on the stream. To listen to the single, “Not Alone, check out the Spotify New Finds Playlist and listen to the rest of the project for more new music from Mehro!


"How We’ll End Up"- Good Pash

Good Pash is an up and coming band based out of Sydney, Australia, and their latest single “How We’ll End Up: is the perfect introduction to the group if you haven’t heard of them yet. The song is an indie-punk anthem, one that makes you want to dance around the room at the venue, crashing into your friends and laugh, or it makes you remember a time where we could still do that with the ones we care about most. The single is layered with guitars, bass, keys, and drums, for a full, upbeat sound you’ll turn up wherever you are and put on repeat. You can tell Good Pash has a fun, passion driven dynamic between its members, and the music they create is meant to be a release, and fun creative expression at the same time. The music video for “How We’ll End Up” features the band members doing what they do best, and quirky animations throughout the visuals, giving you the sense they are truly making this song, and music in general because they love it. They’re considered one of the bands in Sydney to keep an eye on, and I have nothing but the best hopes for them as they plan to take their music on tour wherever they are able in the future. Check out the New Finds Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music, and watch the music video for “How We’ll End Up” below!


"The Window View"- Snare Noise

No strangers to the Home of Chads lineup, Snare Noise has a new single just released, “The Window View.” Creating music through a pandemic and channeling the emotions that come with it, along with dealing with personal loss and grief are no easy tasks to handle. Sometimes music comes along and saves you, pulls you out of a place you never thought you would get out of, but you still have to carry the experiences you are working to get through in your heart. This song is a perfect example of channeling those experiences into something melancholy and beautiful. I listened to the song over and over again, each time pulling more from it, and becoming more heavy every time I did, but in the best way possible. It starts off with a soft piano, and continues to be led with ethereal synths and vocal melodies, drawing you into the story being written. Listening to a song you can relate to, that is both beautiful in composition and in words is something worth sharing with others. 10/10 would recommend listening to “The Window View” on our New Finds Playlist, and make sure to follow Snare Noise on their social media and Spotify for more new music.

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