New Finds - March 6th

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Today's Songs are “Gen Z" by L.A. Witch, "Not Dead Yet" by Lord Huron, and "Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close?" by Tasha.


"Gen Z"- L.A. Witch

When you hear the name L.A. Witch, you begin to think of a person dressed in all black walking down the Venice boardwalk, or what the soundtrack to a scene like that would be. The song Gen Z starts with heavy, surf punk drums and the guitar comes in ebbing and flowing like waves. The song sticks to their sound, combining blues, garage rock, and surf, all with a unique spin. There’s a certain way music can be made that makes you want to walk down the street like a badass, and dance at the same time, and this is one of those examples. The vocals are a crunchy, distorted combo of singing and talking almost, which is just a perfect fit for the song. The band was formed in 2011, and has continued to make music and tour in the U.S. and out of the country. "Gen Z" comes off of their album, Play With Fire, which is also one you should put in rotation. You can hear the single on the New Finds Playlist on Spotify and Apple, and hear the rest of their music wherever you stream.


"Not Dead Yet" - Lord Huron

Lord Huron has a knack for creating in-depth, songs and visuals that play into the deeper meaning of their music. The latest single "Not Dead Yet", is a part of their running series, Alive From Whispering Pines. The song reminds you of an old blues rock ballad, with a modern twist. The video is a mirage of past and present, band members blurring into one another, and themselves, while seeming to broadcast from an old 50’s tv station. “Hard to make friends when you’re half in the grave, but I ain’t done yet, and I’ve got something to say.” The melody of Not Dead Yet is upbeat, but the lyrics seem to have a more somber meaning than the tempo would suggest. This comes after their last release, which was in 2018, so fans were excited to say the least. It’s definitely a song and visual worth checking out, whether you’re a current fan of Lord Huron or just now hearing about them! Listen on the New Finds Playlist now!


"Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close?" by Tasha

Tasha literally just released their latest single “Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close?”, and it’s a must to add to your playlists. Tasha’s vocals are an emotional dream with the mellow guitar that almost sounds like a clock ticking, counting down the days until a person can feel alright again, There’s also a lyric video that was released with the song, which makes you feel like you’re falling into a woodland dreamscape. You already think you’re getting emotional enough, when the song comes to a crescendo, with drums and guitar and vocals all coming together to push you over that line of just melting into your bed or floor, wherever you’re listening from. Tasha has already began to build a portfolio of music, even performing on Audiotree last year, continuing to create music that connects with fans and the real emotions we all face daily. Make sure you check out the song on the Spotify New Finds Playlist!

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