New Finds - March 6th

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Today's songs are "Sanity” by 2012 Bid Adieu, "Dating a Drug Dealer" by The Sunshine State, and "getting sued by scooby doo," by Aiden Yobear.


Sanity by 2012 Bid Adieu

2012 Bid Adieu’s new release, ‘Sanity’ holds up to its name. The tune carries this humongous groove through intertwined bass lines that almost challenge the musicians’ filtered vocals. It’s as though the instruments are competing against each other in a contest, with everything coming together to form this compressed, tight sound, eventually erupting in an explosive marriage of drums and saxophone. I was impressed by this track, and the way it explores so many different genres in just under three minutes. The spacious synth line meshes with lead vocalist Jordan Clark’s rap verses perfectly to create a symphony of madness unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Sanity follows a raw, unconventional song structure, keeping me on the edge of my seat the entire time. 2012 Bid Adieu will soon be releasing their new EP, reCAPTCHA, where we’ll be hearing similar elements of rap, pop, and R&B that continuously grapple with one another in the music. Stream “Sanity” here.


Dating a Drug Dealer by The Sunshine State

Skyler Stonestreet’s new project, “The Sunshine State'' collaborates the musicians’ astute songwriting with the indie pop genre, releasing the song “Dating a Drug Dealer.” Her delicate, but sturdy vocals carry the catchy lyrics of the song quite well– with the line “love me” ringing out in the chorus. Speaking of the choruses, they embody this beautiful symphony of sounds, with multiple layers elevating the song. It quickly crashes back into the silence of the verses, or the bridge, to which we keep yo-yoing back and forth between the song’s climatic nature. It feels warm, and hazy, like something that would play in a dream montage of a film. This is a great tune to dance to, and especially to blast out loud. Stonestreet’s songwriting talent becomes very clear when noticing how she encapsulates such an interesting and witty topic for a song. “Dating a Drug Dealer” song is almost like a scene in a movie, with actors and props and everything. Listen to The Sunshine State here.


getting sued by scooby doo by Aiden Yobear

Aiden Yobear has been part of the LA music scene for a considerable amount of time before making the move across the coast. Now in New York, he releases short, alternative, lofi songs that are difficult to describe, or pinpoint to a specific genre. “getting sued by scooby doo” features a vocal line that lingers in your mind, along with a midi track that reiterates the notes of the melody. This tune is unbelievably catchy, and the musician, along with 1361 Kodak Moment, scrapes the surface of sadness and fun, of seriousness and amusement. Because of this, I find Aiden Yobear to be such an interesting artist.

Formerly a drummer in several LA bands, I’m glad he has been releasing more stuff of his own lately. His new album, “Twin Reapers,” released in January, brings a new perspective to the alternative, electronic genre. Though, Yobear does not limit himself to genres, and it’s been pretty evident that he does not adhere to one specific sound. He produces whatever he desires from the comfort of his laptop. Check out his album, and listen to ‘getting sued by scooby doo’ here.

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