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New Finds - May 16th

Updated: May 31, 2020

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Rett Madison - "Shame Is A River"

With how oversaturated the singer-songwriter space is, it is nearly impossible to break through and stand out, but wow does Rett Madison do just that with "Shame Is A River". The song is deeply personal for the West Virginia native as it paints an honest picture about her and her late mother's struggles with mental health. The track immediately captures you by the simple yet emotive guitar playing, and keeps you fully locked in by her powerful vocals and crescendoing production. It is absolutely stunning.

On the track she shares, "I wrote 'Shame is a River' following an emotional visit with my mother a few months before she died by suicide. She struggled with addiction and her mental health for most of my life and as I got older I began to understand that like my mom, I dealt with anxiety, PTSD, and depression. The song isn't solely about my experience, but about both my mother and I's individual experiences with shame and guilt intertwined. At times, I've felt like I've kept certain pains to myself because I was afraid I would burden people. I've come to learn that talking candidly about mental health and being open about what I'm going through can be very freeing and helps keep my head above the water. I've also worked with a therapist for about a year now and hope to continue on that path. Going forward with my life, I hope to write music that encourages mental health awareness in memory of my mother, Jacqueline."

Listen to "Shame Is A River" - out everywhere now!


Mashmellow - "Share It"

"Share It" is the debut single from Moscow-based duo Mashmellow. The band consists of Masha and Egor, who were brought together by their mutual love of early 90's dream-pop. They do their influences justice on this debut single. The dreamy guitar layers stay right in your face from the beginning and set this euphoric and joyful atmosphere where Masha's soft vocals perfectly live. Along with the single, comes the cinematic official music video directed by Mascara Bass-Girl. Check out the video below and listen to "Share It" - out everywhere now!


Bad Flamingo - "Dandy Little Day"

Bad Flamingo is a bit of an enigma. You won't find out much about the masked duo and that seems to be a calculated move. Regardless, they have made some serious noise since hitting the scene a few years ago with overwhelming critical acclaim, hundreds of thousands of streams, and even soundtrack placements in the hit Kevin Costner television series Yellowstone. They returned with new track "Dandy Little Day" and continue to expand on their unique and intriguing sound that fuses outlaw-country and indie-rock. Take a listen and draw yourself in to the unique world of Bad Flamingo. Listen to "Dandy Little Day" - out everywhere now!

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