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New Finds - May 22nd

Updated: May 31, 2020

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Lecx Stacy - "Sonic Boom"

Lecx Stacy is a 21 year-old singer/songwriter/producer from San Diego, CA. Stacy started his music making journey with producing hip-hop beats at the young age of 12 and over the past 9 years has developed a very unique sound. On May 14th, he released his debut EP Face Plants. If I can describe the EP in one word it would be refreshing. We get sent a lot of music and it's difficult to stand out, but it's so abundantly clear that Stacy is creating something truly his own. It's kind of a fusion of hip-hop, indie-rock, and shoegaze but doesn't really follow the rules of any specific genre. The EP closer "Sonic Boom" is the standout to me, but dive into the full EP. You will not be disappointed. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.


Trouvère - "Nothing To Say"

Trouvère is the brain-child of East-Coast singer/songwriter Dwight McGlynn. McGlynn recruited the original members of the band Jay Bisaga (bass), Riley Ball (drums), and Stevie Mangum (Lead E.G.) and they recorded and released their debut EP Saint Luna in 2017. The EP garnered some buzz for the group, but in the Fall of 2017 McGlynn relocated and started working with a rotating outfit of members. Now a few years later, Trouvère has made their anticipated return with the single "Nothing To Say". The track hooked me from the start with a melancholic, almost Victrola-sounding recording leading into a distorted/lo-fi guitar line. Then it pops into a full sounding groove. It's a great listen. Listen to "Nothing To Say" on Spotify and Apple Music.


Jay Miners - "Meet Me In Space"

Jay Miners is an indie artist from New York City. She hit the scene in 2016 with her EP This Is How You Fight and has since become a regular in the NYC live music scene. Miners returned today with the release of her stunning track "Meet Me In Space". The song is an ode to huge imaginations, our kid selves, and the beauty around us. It's an aptly timed song as her serene vocals and delicate guitar playing create a dreamlike atmosphere you can happily get lost in. We all need a bit of that right now. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

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