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New Finds - May 31st

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Darren Isaiah - "Family Sitcoms"

Darren Isaiah is a New York rapper, vocalist, songwriter, actor, and engineer. Isaiah hit the scene in 2015 with his debut single "That's My Bestfriend" and since then has released a handful of mixtapes and EPs that have garnered acclaim and praise from fans and tastemakers alike. Isaiah returns now with his new project titled Ugly (U Gotta Love Yourself). Across the whole project, Isaiah is pushing sonic boundaries as he fuses genres and experiments with vocal deliveries. It's fantastic. The standout track to me is "Family Sitcoms", which is a light-hearted and joyful love track with some darker lyric themes hidden in. Sounds like something Cudi and Tyler would be very proud of. Check out Ugly (U Gotta Love Yourself) - out everywhere now.


Isanna - "Moshpit of Emotions"

Isanna is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has been building an impressive following with a string of singles over the last two years. She now returns with her latest track and video "Moshpit of Emotions". The song is propelled by a driving synth line and unique electronic fusion, but Isanna's delicate vocals and heavy lyrics really make the track shine. It feels like Isanna is hitting her stride with this song. Excited to see what's next for her. Check out "Moshpit of Emotions" - out everywhere now.


Morgalily - "Crossfire"

Morgan Wright, aka, Morgalily, is a singer, songwriter, and musician based out of Sacramento, CA. While she is a frequent collaborator with other artists, "Crossfire" is a standalone single from her artist project. Morgalily's dark-pop vocal style is compelling, but what I loved about the song is the lyricism and storytelling ability. The track is inspired by a true story of how she was caught in the middle of a gun fight. It's quite the ride. Check out "Crossfire" - out everywhere now.

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