New Finds - November 20th

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Today's Songs are "Faith" by MONEYPHONE, "How It Works" by Old Sea Brigade, and "Music Makes Me High" by The Avalanches.



With a large fraction of modern music arguably becoming more repetitive and redundant, it is genuinely exciting to listen to a group like MONEYPHONE. The Toronto-based duo are known to incorporate various elements in their music, which bring out these unique sounds that I’ve almost never heard before. Their upcoming mixtape Faith brings us the title track that left me rather confused upon first listen. All these contrasting sounds being sewed together took me by surprise, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it, to say the least. The filtered vocals at the beginning, along with the atmospheric guitar chords, eventually escalate to the beat drop–with several percussion tracks and sound effects taking the song to a whole new realm of creativity. The end is marvelously characterized by these remarkable vocal harmonies and the echoing “never lose faith in me,” that, frankly, hits a special spot within all of us. MONEYPHONE is not just experimenting with different sounds, but really laying the groundworks to establish themselves as innovators. Listen to “Faith” here.


How It Works by Old Sea Brigade

Making sense of today’s music industry is only achievable through the authentic experience of being in it. Though, it doesn’t take a lot to realize that it is one of the toughest industries in the business. This experience is especially true for younger musicians, and for those who do not have previous networks, or connections. Ben Cramer, better known as Old Sea Brigade, expresses his encounter with the music industry through his indie song, “How It Works,” of which he wrote with a frequent collaborator, Henry Brill. After an industry encounter, the artist took the opportunity to write a song about accepting and observing change– whether it happens in your professional career, or in your social life.

Cramer, who has established a respectable name for himself within the industry, lays out a track relaxing enough to loosen all the tense joints in your body. Once the beat opens the door for the other instruments, including Cramer’s breathy, vocal layers, it feels as though you are being pulled into a cloud towering over Mt. Everest. The bright echoing guitars, along with the mellow beat, perfectly open up a canvas for inspiration while staying true to the indie genre. Reminiscent of Bowie and other 70s artists, Old Sea Brigade beautifully merges his own original sound while simultaneously drawing on a handful of influences. “How It Works” is off of Cramer’s upcoming album which will be announced soon and features a music video on his YouTube channel. Stay on the lookout for album details, and while you do that– watch and listen to “How It Works” here.


Music Makes Me High by The Avalanches

The Avalanches are one of those bands who you’d never expect to find lingering in your head after a few listens. The Australian duo bring out this sound that, for most people, is probably one they never even knew they’d enjoy. Their genre is listed as electronic music, but the experience branches way further than a series of samples and features– every album is an emotional journey that renders you unable to listen to anything else. Granted, they’ve only released two albums, but their forthcoming 25-track record, We Will Always Love You, promises nothing less than its predecessors based on the impressions of its seven singles.

The track, “Music Makes Me High,” released in September, encapsulates the disco and groovy feel of their first album, Since I Left You, while reintroducing us to the energy-driven optimism of Wildflower, their 2016 record. I recommend this track for everyone, especially for those unfamiliar with the duo’s work, because it is probably among the ‘easiest’ tracks to listen to– that is, anyone can enjoy it. It gives leeway to their other, more inventive works, that truly grow on you and leave you wondering how you didn’t get into this band earlier. One listen in, and you’re immediately hooked to the song’s catchy chorus and tight bass grooves. Stream “Music Makes Me High,” here.

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