New Finds - November 29th

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Today's Songs are "I Know It Will End, but I Don’t Want to Let Go" by Lucys, "Sabotage" by JAWNY, "Second Step" by Vern Matz.


Lucys - I Know It Will End, but I Don’t Want to Let Go

My favorite Los Angeles, Chicano flared, dream-pop group Lucys is back at it with their newest release “I Know It Will End, but I Don’t Want to Let Go”. Drenched in delicate synths, bubble gum wrapped melodies, and last but not least, the signature lovey-dovey Lucys touch. Rather than sticking to one shelf of sound, Lucys' maneuvers entirely on their instinctsallowing their elusive and ethereal energy to evoke our heartstrings and better yet, our ears.

The intro and structure of the track takes us on a ride filled with heart-wrenching lyricism that tugs on the difficult parts of love. “I know it hurts to be yours when you’re not even mine,” is only one chunk of lyricism that swings into the chorus. Lucys taps into the gnawing feelings we all relate to when it comes to something that might not be right, the void that creeps in our head, and even when we know this isn’t what we need, our hearts still want it anyway.

So get in the car loser, we're crying to “I Know It Will End, but I Don’t Want to Let Go” by Lucys tonight while driving down Sunset Boulevard. You can now listen here:


JAWNY - Sabotage

The indie-pop king, internet sensation (thanks in large part to the viral hit “Honeypie” that garners over 80 million streams), and multi-instrumentalist JAWNYformerly known as Johnny Utahis back and better than ever with his new self-sabotaging hit “Sabotage”. The twenty-four-year-old artist takes his usual slacker aesthetic and twists it into one that allows Jawny to reflect on an old breakup and with no regrets, of course.

“Sabotage” sets the tone with snarling guitar riffs and a funky bounce that allows Jawnys repeated chorus, "I sabotage my love / Just because," to shine all the way through. Accompanied by an all-new music video, Jawny still displays his quirky personality with the help of a van smothered in ominous texts explaining the end of the world, Jehova Witness outfits (yes, with the Holy Bible and everything else), and a wild ride through the city of Los Angeles.

Needless to say, I think we’ve all been looking forward to his newest record release titled For Abby for monthsand now, it’s here for us to nonchalantly bang our heads to. You can watch Jawnys music video for “Sabotage” here. Happy self-sabotaging.


Vern Matz - Second Step

Vern Matz, a duo consisting of Daniel Belgrad and Michael Lituchy who met at Yale University, manifest a world of their own. Combining a palette that ranges from lo-fi rhythmic pulses, bittersweet melodies, and meaningful stories. It’s the music you could find yourself getting lost in your head about your old crush (the one you had about two years ago) or just tunes you can daydream the night away with.

While drawing the line somewhere between shoegaze, indie-rock, and folk, Vern Matz sets out for a mix of all three. With the release of their newest record Minnesota Dancing, and “Second Step” as the final single off the record, the duo finds themselves writing on the discomforts of a breakup and every little detail that intertwines between. Written in 2019, yet meant for every heartache we’ve encountered in 2020, the group's debut LP is an ode for just that: the polarity of beauty, alienation, and a sea of pretty people swimming with broken hearts.

You can listen to “Second Step” here:

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