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New Finds - November 8th

Follow the New Finds playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to these and more!

Today's Songs are "Fire" by Glom, "Someone New" by Tayo Sound, and “Green Eyes”- Arlo Parks.


“Someone New”- Tayo Sound

Tayo Sound is an 18- year old songwriter of Nigerian and Scottish descent. His song “Someone New” is an addition to a stream of singles he has released, and adds to his already noteworthy portfolio he’s been able to create for himself. So far, he’s been able to work with George Reid, Al Shux, Rob Milton, The 23rd, and Blake Slatkin, while recently selling out at London’s Jazz Cafe. 

“Someone New” has a slow, indie vibe at first with the vocals carrying the song, and then turns into a funky, new soul type beat with jazzy hi-hats that make you want to dance, maybe in a field like he does in the visual released with the songs. The visual also deserves some mentioning, it made me smile at some points, and was creative and humorous, while giving you more insight into Tayo’s sound and vision for his music. He has been featured on playlists across Spotify and Apple music already, and is quickly on the rise as an artist to pay attention to. Listen to his single “Someone New” now on the Spotify New Finds Playlist, and watch the visual below.


“Fire”- Glom

When I listened to “Fire” by Glom for the first time, I immediately thought of a soundtrack to a teen coming-of-age film, or the song playing over the rolling credits of a movie that just took you on an emotional roller coaster. The six-piece band is from Brooklyn, New York, and they got their start covering Beatles and Strokes songs. They’ve definitely carved out a space for their own unique sound however, this song being a great example of that. 

“Fire” cuts directly into the guitar and drums, keeping your attention until the first line comes in “Gonna find my way through.” Glom singer Peter Beiser stated the song is about frustration from writer’s block, and fighting through anxiety and the fear of entering a new mode of expression. They have an alt-rock sound, with a capacity to expand into other genres as well, just hearing this one track. This is the last single they will be releasing before their sophomore album, Merit, so make sure you check it now to see what you’re in for. You can hear it on the Spotify New Finds Playlist now. 


“Green Eyes”- Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has been making her way through the music industry with her instrumental talents, as well as her vocal abilities that intertwine to create something truly beautiful to experience. Her latest single “Green Eyes” starts with melodic keys and a somewhat muted drum beat where her vocals come in, blending singing, soft-rapping and harmonies that you really have to hear to get a full understanding of what I’m describing. I haven’t heard a voice like hers in a long time, you can tell she has an enormous amount of emotion combined with talent being put into not just this song, but every piece of music she’s released so far. 

The music video for “Green Eyes” features Park’s in different settings like her bedroom, or the floor, or a dining table, the cinematography and lighting all composed in a way that pulls the focus onto her and the emotions her music is displaying. She has her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams, set to be released January 29th, 2021, but until then you can listen to her latest single now on the Spotify New Finds Playlist! 

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