New Finds - October 24th (2)

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Today's songs are "Big Fat Train" by edgar déception, "Common Denominator” by Nisa, and "Tree Forts" by .boy.


edgar déception - "Big Fat Train"

If any song could remind me of how badly I'm itching to go to live shows again, it would definitely be the tune, “Big Fat Train” by the French band, edgar déception. The incredibly catchy, yet simple riff carries the song in such an elegant manner, only to completely explode in the second half. Once you hear the drum fill transition midway through the song, that’s when you know it’s about to erupt into complete madness and chaos. You cannot help but headbang to the loud, galloping drum cymbals that crash to the bass and guitar's thunderous riff.

Edgar déception has been making music since the mid-2010s, but switched gears in 2017 with a new name and a more honest sound. Their debut album, “Décès…” came out last year, and offers a broad selection of influences in their tracks. True to their French nature, the trio does not hold back, so I highly recommend you do not sleep on “Big Fat Train,” along with the rest of the album. Stream it here.


Nisa - "Common Denominator"

Singer-songwriter, Nisa, from New York City recently released the single, “Common Denominator” off her upcoming debut EP, “Guilt Trip.” Staying true to the staples of indie rock, the song starts off mellow, and slowly ascends into an upbeat circus filled with synths and tight drum grooves. Somewhat of a mix between Beach Bunny and PJ Harvey, Nisa sings about miscommunication, and how it takes two to tango in silence. Her voice rings out with whimsical backing vocals, complemented by the distorted guitars and the capturing melodies that anyone could scream to the top of their lungs. It’s a joy to listen to, and without a doubt, easy to lose yourself in. I think a lot of people could enjoy the sheer raw energy this song has to offer. To prove me right, you can stream it right here.


.boy - "Tree Forts"

In an innovative marriage of ambient and pop music, Ohio-based artist, Roger Phelps whose music is under the alias, .boy, is extending the borders of dream-like sounds to fit the sphere of pop music– and he does so very tastefully. The track, “Tree Forts” begins with an array of synth notes, similar to raindrops slowly falling from the sky, one by one. Once the beat kicks in, so does the multitude of reverb-filled vocals from all angles, somehow elevating the entire listening experience to another dimension. The song is about, as .boy says, "my first ever real relationship, the first time I fell in love, and ultimately the first time I knew things were falling apart.” There is a brooding atmosphere about love, and you can hear it through the conflicting lyrics that Roger sings with his delicate voice. This track is a true experience– and you can luckily stream it here.

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