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New Finds - October 4th

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Today's songs are "All Fall Down" by Louie Louie!, "Green Hornet” by Sarchasm, and "Ten Favorites" by Mall Daze.


Louie Louie! -"All Fall Down"

Former HOLYCHILD star, Louie Diller is reinventing himself with his new persona, Louie Louie!. The pop-rock track, “All Fall Down” came out in mid-September, and is the first single released from his upcoming album, Heartbreak In the Fall of the Empire, that revolves around falling in and out of love whilst society slowly deteriorates in the background. “All Fall Down,” is somewhat of a vent, where Diller spills out the misery he’s been holding back. I thoroughly enjoyed the acoustic guitar that come through in the verses, as well as the chant-like choruses that erupt with immense energy. It is very anthemic, simple, and addictive once you know the lyrics. I love the constant, “when we all fall down, will we turn into something?” It’s hard to answer, especially with today’s chaos hitting all spots of the globe. But while you sleep on that question, keep an eye out for Louie Louie!’s debut album, and for now, stream the marvelous ‘All Fall Down’ here.


Sarchasm – "Green Hornet"

Sarchasm’s role in the California east bay punk scene is nothing to be undermined. With music released since the early 2010s, their sound throughout the years has been a major influence on new bands taking their baby steps on the stage of 924 Gilman. Their new self-titled album will drop on the 9th of October via Asian Man Records, commemorating their 10 year anniversary as a band, and the track "Green Hornet" is their second single off of it. It offers nothing less than what you’d expect from a punk band straight out of Berkeley. This song is an unanticipated mixture of hardcore punk vocals, Dick Dale-esque surf guitars, raw, heavy drums and bass, alongside a dash of heavy metal. All these elements come together to exhibit the pure angst felt by the band, with them begging for a “gun in my head,” that is powerfully echoed throughout the chorus and seems to be sung angrier with every repetition. ‘Green Hornet’ is sharp, to the point, and does not drag on for more than it has to. It definitely helps to blast this song in your most furious of moments, or on your way to work– it has range. With that being said, stream it here and be on the lookout for their album in October!


Mall Daze - "Ten Favorites"

At first listen, "Ten Favorites" quickly instilled a strong sense of nostalgia in me. Mall Daze, comprised of Tyrell Tompkins and Kipp Riley, lyricist and drummer of Lavoy, are pushing the boundaries with their endearing indie sounds mixed with a darker theme of dream-pop fragility. The backbeat of the drums lends the track its raw pungency, perfectly countered by the deep-sounding vocals that pour with reverb. The guitars allow for the signature, familiar indie sound that draws us to the track’s nostalgic qualities.

‘Ten Favorites’ could remind you of the hot, itchy, mosquito-filled, trunk-of-a-Toyota summer nights with your friends. By the end of the night, someone would start crying because of the relationship they have with their father. That is the movie scene I could personally imagine the track playing over. Whatever emotion the song elicits, it is undoubtedly a phenomenal track worth listening to, and it will be available on all streaming services 10/2. Stream it here.

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