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New Finds - October 9th

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Today's Songs are "Clementine Tree" by Nané, "Love I Like" by Sarina, "Drugs" by Cheridomingo.


Nané - Clementine Tree

According to lead singer Daniel Sahad from Nané, as humans we’re conditioned to pursue love, even if we don’t always search in the right places. When you listen to their latest track Clementine Tree, you’ll understand exactly what he means by that. Making a name for themselves in the indie scene, their music is a blend of striking vocals, guitar, tinges of indigenous instruments and so much soul. 

The song starts with a soothing guitar progression and subtle shakers, and breaks out into a fusion of music where you hear the influence of Daniel’s Dominican Republic upbringing. The lyrics and vocals portray an honest, deep sense of love in a pure, innocent form that we’re lucky to experience, if we’re ever blessed to. If you haven’t heard any of their music before, this song is a great introduction for you to become a long time fan. Make sure to listen to their song, “Clementine Tree” on the Spotify New Find’s Playlist


Sarina - Love I Like

Sarina is a 20 year old rising star from Maryland. "Love I Like" features a blend of beautiful vocals and heavy trap beats, with great visuals to go along with it.  I can see her rising in the R&B scene quickly. Her lyrics are clever and honest, combining sweet harmonies and vocal runs, and quick little raps throughout the song. 

She’s not afraid to express herself, from the way she composes her music, to her presentation in this music video, and on her instagram as well. I think it’s really refreshing to see more empowerment in the music scene, and everyday we are able to see more and more how our young generation feels about themselves, and the complex world navigating love and relationships. Follow her on Instagram and listen to her single "Love I Like" on the New Finds Playlist.


Cheridomingo - Drugs

It would be a lie if I didn’t say I was a little biased towards Cheridomingo, in the best way possible. Just knowing how their energy is when they perform live and when they’re not on stage, and the true expression they put into their music, as well as their visuals is a combination not everyone can achieve. Their latest single, “Drugs” stays true to their raw, authentic punk-indie sound, but this song is something more, that is a bit harder to explain. 

Starting off with lyrics, “Can we both be on drugs, that make us hate everyone…” should give you an idea of the serious energy portrayed in this recording. A screeching guitar, heavy bass line, and some raw screams thrown in there don’t even cover half of what this single is composed of.  

They have a video released with the song directed by Madie Ramser, and the song has been featured on KROQ. Hey, even Anthony Green from Circa Survive gave them a shout out because truly, this song gets to all of us in the best way possible. Check out the song “Drugs” on the Spotify New Finds Playlist, as well as the music video on Youtube.

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