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New Finds- September 24th

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Today's Songs are "Statues In The Garden (Arras)" by Local Natives, "Before Our Time" by Baby Fuzz, "Four Days" by Brandon Jack & The Artifacts.


Local Natives- “Statues In The Garden (Arras)” 

So Local Natives has been one of my favorite bands since high school, and when I heard their newest single, Statues in The Garden (Arras), I was so excited because their songs almost always resonate with me lyrically and have melodies that constantly get stuck in my head. A lot of their tracks I notice the drums always catch my attention, but this one seems to be a bit more guitar heavy in the beginning until the chorus comes, along with vocals and harmonies that always give a sense of longing and nostalgia. It seems to be a recurring theme for them, singing about love or heartache, or reminiscing on different people, places, and experiences that have all been through, whether collectively or as individuals. The lyrics “No I can’t let it go…”, seems to be just in line with their music,  always pulling at my heartstrings, and helping me feel okay with holding certain emotions that others would say to let go of.

The video released along with the song was made by Jamie K Wolfe, and I think it’s one of the most creative visuals they’ve had so far, pulling more from the trippy, psychedelic side of their music, compared to the standard music video bands generally release. Please listen to the single out now, and watch the music video below!


Baby Fuzz- “Before Our Time (feat. LP) ”

When you listen to Baby Fuzz, or Sterling Fox as others may be more familiar with, you can’t place him in any one box or genre, which may not work for others, but this has given him great success as a songwriter and artist over the years. After a period of creative isolation, this new project came out along with this latest song, “Before Our Time.”

When you first listen to the track, just like I said you can’t put him into any one genre, you can’t place this song into any one specific spot either. It has a beautiful blend of indie, pop, and punk that you wouldn’t expect if you just listened to the first 30 seconds. Starting off with a a chill guitar intro and soft vocals and harmonies you’d hear in some indie-pop songs, about a minute in, the song it explodes into an anthem with a shouting chorus and loud drums that made me think of the end of a journey and heading to a new unknown destination in life. The lyrics in the song, according to Fox, have to do with a friendship being ahead of its time, which makes me think of right person, wrong time almost. The opening line in the song says, “We really jumped the gun…” and as you listen, you can tell Sterling works through that lost friendship, dives into the emotions lyrically and musically, and seems to come to an understanding and acceptance that life has a plan and reason for everything, even in times that are confusing when you feel like you’ve met the right person, and life just pulls you apart for its own rhyme and reason. Make sure to listen to Baby Fuzz’s track “Before Our Time” and keep an eye out for his next album Welcome to the Future.


Brandon Jack and The Artifacts - “Four Days”

Anyone who loves the lo-fi, punk, garage band rock will definitely enjoy the latest single from Brandon Jack and The Artifacts. Taking lyrics from old journal writings was something new, but he was able to use the real experience from partying a few days in a row and turned that into this track. It seems like it didn’t take much effort to transform the feelings you get from going wild with your friends and living life, and then having to wake up at home and recover from the time you spent, wondering if you made the right choices or not, but still ready to go out and do it again. 

The combination of drums, heavy guitar, and screaming, fuzzy vocals captures exactly the range of emotions we feel as young people, with faces and places blurring by in a whirlwind.Written, produced, and mixed by Brandon, you have to listen to the track for yourself to really understand what I mean. Check it out on the New Finds Spotify playlist now, and watch out for future projects that are bound to come.

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