New Finds- September 27th

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Today's Songs are "Overrated" by Blxst, "Block Your Number" by Maude Latour, and "Alone" by San Cisco.


Blxst - "Overrated"

Los Angeles born & raised native Blxst, has just released the new EP No Love Lost that soulfully intertwines qualities of R&B and west coast hip-hop into one glossy eight-track project. Blxst is known for being one of the most compelling rappers out of Los Angeles while nourishing a sound that laces moments of deep love as the hustle continues. His set of collaborations stacks high as he’s worked alongside YG and Kendrick Lamar, making sure he’s on the same wave of west coast rap history.

The newest music video for “Overrated” captures the intensity for not seeking out love but rather finding the one to ride through life with over anything and everything. The video follows Blxst rapping over each verse as he carefully glides through the city of Angels’, a moment where you find Blxst announcing his moto for loyalty— not love. You can watch the new music video for “Overrated” by Blxst here.


Maude Latour - "Block Your Number"

A voice that cultivates on the ideals of honesty, openness, and a voice for social change—you’re given Maude Latour. Latour is an outspoken twenty-year-old New Yorker who drenches herself in indie-pop from head to toe. Since the beginning of Latour’s career, she has strived on nurturing a safe space where fans can discuss moments that can be deemed to the outside world as, well, embarrassing. With the highly anticipated new track “Block Your Number” almost seems like a moment for Latour to speak back to fans on everything vulnerable, which she does exactly.

The track takes the form of hushed vocal tones with lo-fi pop qualities, almost a similar pulse you would hear in Lorde’s first record, Pure Heroine. Oozing with emotions circulating on old relationships that went sour, it still holds an irresistible sound with a melancholic touch. Latour structures the track into one that almost has you willing to reminisce on your past relationship—with caution, of course. You can now listen to “Block Your Number” by Maude Latour here.


San Cisco - “Alone”

San Cisco’s music video for “Alone” off the all-new EP Between You and Me is an ode to the past while looking to the future. The indie-pop trio made a swift claim to stardom in 2012 with the assistance of cult-classics such as “Awkward” and how could we forget our favorite, “Fred Astaire”. Fast forward almost a decade later, the trio has now graced the indie realm a piece of what San Cisco has worked to create, a newborn maturity in sound. From the early twenty-year-old group with the start of their first self-titled record to an attitude that supports the present maturity, San Cisco is set to ascend.

The video “Alone” takes place in a dream-like oceanfront state as the leadman Jordi Davieson plucks along on his acoustic guitar on a rather compact boat. The jangly indie tune sets forth as the piano takes shape into the melody, still allowing the classic San Cisco indie-haze to shine through. With the lyricism focused on being away from someone you love, although, understanding that the magic will make an appearance once more when returned together. A sincere track that will have any indie-pop feen ready to fall back in love with San Cisco. You can now listen to “Alone” here.

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