New Finds - September 4th

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Today's Songs are "Hurt" by Arlo Parks, "Circles" by Sakura, and "Cold Shoulders" by Morning Arcade. Written by Holly Alvarado.


Arlo Parks - “Hurt”

At the age of 19, South London born and raised neo-R&B artist Arlo Parks has been able to captivate fans, music critics, and most importantly, 1.7 million monthly Spotify streams all in just a two-year time span. The young R&B artist stays faithful to her poet roots that have unraveled from minor notebook entries to immaculate works of art drenched in neo-soulsomething I can’t seem to stay away from as her new single “Hurt” plays on my Las Chicas playlist featuring some of the best female R&B artists on rotation over and over again. While only being a young teenager in the city, Arlo thrives on existing as the voice for a young queer BIPOC generation and an advocate for mental-health with grace and ease.

“Hurt” takes us into Arlo’s world as she maneuvers her way through a mid-COVID irritation on the senses of depression, anxiety, and of course the hurting. Yet she leaves us with an ambivalent touch that even with the deep sorrow we might feel, there’s always a sense of new possibilities for joy in our daily life regardless of the past. The track swings from blissful beats to thick bass lines that allow Arlo to flow in a soft motion that only a distinct soulful voice such as Arlo can thrive in. Set to play at Glastonbury and South by Southwest this spring, although the pandemic had different plans for her entirely. Now while staying in place at home, Arlo has created more tunes for a world of anxious teens alike to connect with. Trust me when I say Arlo Parks is currently one of the top rising R&B artists from London and I’m thrilled to see where the light shines on her next. You can listen to “Hurt” here now.


Sakura - "Circles"

Tense, dissociation and the distinct emotion one feels while losing yourself as the days seem to slip bythese are the gnawing feelings Sakura walks us through with her new single “Circles”. Sakura pays tribute to late 90’s fuzzy indie-rock to raw pop melodies that enthrall any listener that might be tuning into “Circles”. Born and raised in Hong Kong and currently based in Vienna, Sakura has allowed her roots to take flight within her artistry. Creating a world of candid lyricism and teenage angst, it’s reminiscent of sounds from artists such as Beabadoobee and Clairo, yet she holds a power that allows her sound to flourish in a different lane entirely. I and the rest of the music community are ready to see what she pushes forth this year. Till then, listen to “Circles” here.


Morning Arcade - "Cold Shoulders"

The Welsh indie group Morning Arcade have just released their newest track as of today titled “Cold Shoulders” that ignites a unique blaze of synthwave inspired melodies and alternative-rock tones all in one breath. The track touches on the ideals of the constant stream of media surrounding environmental destruction and how we sometimes can’t run away from these visible issues—even if we tried. Starting with a gradual softness from the reverberated guitar line as the vocals lead into the melody that’s just as somber. In moments, it evokes my memory of Adam Granduciel’s best moments with his solo project War On Drugs while still cranking the contrast of a soul tone. One you might have ringing through the speakers as you take a late-night drive on the coast, and we gladly welcome you to take the ride. You can now hear “Cold Shoulders” here.

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