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Ultra Q 'We're Starting To Get Along'

The Oakland band releases their debut EP under their new name (Ultra Q) titled 'We're Starting To Get Along', and I can't stop listening.

Listen to 'We're Starting To Get Along' on Spotify and Apple Music

A few months ago, Oakland rockers Mt. Eddy re-branded their project under the new name Ultra Q. They teased shows and new music and this past Friday September 6th, they officially released their debut EP under the new name, 'We're Starting To Get Along'. The EP is easily one of the best bodies of work I've heard this year. I honestly can't stop listening. It feels so unforced, like a band who is in their best place creatively and are fully trusting their instincts. From the driving gut-punch intro "Redwood" through the melodic closer "Wild", they welcome you into their world and make it so easy to quickly and deeply fall in love.

Along with the release comes the exciting announcement that the band has signed a deal with Pete Wentz' (Fall Out Boy) and Spencer Smith's (Panic! At The Disco) record label DCD2 Records. On the signing, the band noted, "very excited and grateful for spencer and pete over the past few months. theyve shown us tons of love/support and we are so lucky to have them in our corner."

Something very special is happening with Ultra Q and I cannot wait to see where this goes.

Follow the band below and catch them on the road with Bad Suns and LIILY this September/October. Tour dates and tickets available through their website below.






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